Naughty Professor: “Chef’s Revenge” (Live)

One of the great things about New Orleans is how the city’s jazz bands can bring the genre back to its roots as “social music” (as Miles Davis infamously put it). Naughty Professor crams a lot of ideas and freedom into its sound, but at the heart, its music isn’t analytical–it’s emotional. The group formed in New Orleans in 2011 as a way to reflect the city’s party culture. New Orleans’ parties are unlike anything I’ve ever been to: open-minded, open-hearted, and deeply communal.

Fittingly, Naughty Professor is probably best experienced live, and earlier this year the band released a live album called In The Flesh. “Chef’s Revenge” leads off the set, captured in all its horn-blasting, syncopated-funk glory. It’s loud, in-your-face, and absolutely joyous–as the best parties rightfully should be.

“Chef’s Revenge” appears on In The Flesh, out now. Naughty Professor plays tonight at the Parish.

–Art Levy

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