Nick Mulvey: “The Gift” [PREMIERE]

James Ronkko

The COVID-19 outbreak, the anxiety it caused, and the ever-changing conditions of self-quarantine have become a great equalizer; they’ve affected everyone across the globe, regardless of social status, and given us all a little bit of extra empathy towards our fellow man. That phenomena lends itself to the idea of interbeing – the interconnectedness of all things – a concept that has charmed Cambridge-raised singer-guitarist-producer Nick Mulvey. Up until 2011 Mulvey was mainly known as co-founder of the instrumental outfit Portico Quartet, but he’s since switched up from jazz and ambient to alternative-indie-folk and enjoyed a fulfilling solo career. However, it’s been a whopping five years since our last offering from Mulvey, 2017’s Wake Up Now.

Thankfully, Nick Mulvey’s finally returned to counter our difficult decade with his third full-length, New Mythology. Less of a revision and more of a “refuge for listeners”, New Mythology grounds abstract ethereal teachings into readily-relatable human experiences. It’s an amalgamation of Mulvey’s mentors, from close relatives to past teachers to ancient cultures and long dead authors. On top of it’s brilliant lyricism, New Mythology also marks a bold progression in Nick Mulvey’s cross-genre arrangements. You’ll hear a lot more of that when New Mythology drops next Friday, but today you ought to treat yourself to a track that’s equal parts boom bass, Citizen Cope-style acoustic guitar, Spanish-influenced rhythms, and of course, Mulvey’s magnificently mellow vocals – “The Gift”.

The Gift

Nick Mulvey

Nick Mulvey: “The Gift”

Jack Anderson

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