Pageantry: “Vicious Wishes”

Photo by Bailey Dale

Denton’s Pageantry makes the kind of homespun, big-tent psychedelia that the Flaming Lips and Mercury Rev first blasted into the cosmos with a few decades ago, and like those bands, Pageantry is very generous. Earlier this year saw the release of the group’s debut album, Influence, and the trio has already followed that up with a new four-song EP, Vicious Wishes.

That much music can be too much of a good thing, but Pageantry works in broad, inviting strokes. “Vicious Wishes” shows a band that’s more intent on songwriting than gnarly soundscapes, and it pays off. The song sways through several movements, blasting off before parachuting back to Earth with some quieter stretches. The swirling synths mirror the title: wishes are idle until they become all-consuming.

“Vicious Wishes” appears on Vicious Wishes, out now.

–Art Levy

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