Palehound: “Molly”

Photo by Chad Kamenshine

Like a lot of musicians, Ellen Kempner started out writing songs in her bedroom, aiming barbs at her parents. That teen angst paid off: by the time she got to college, Kempner was an accomplished songwriter with her own idiosyncratic voice. With her band Palehound, she captures the insanity of young adulthood better than most, but there’s still a fun, I-came-up-with-this-in-my-bedroom vibe.

Kempner originally intended Palehound as a revolving cast for her own solo recordings, but the quartet has developed into a deeply-bonded group. On August 14, Palehound releases its debut album Dry Food, buoyed by the knockout leadoff track “Molly.” A twisting, surf-rock riff propels the song, punctuated by Kempner’s sharp guitar and laconic voice. Download the song below.

–Art Levy

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