Parquet Courts: “Berlin Got Blurry” (Live In Studio 1A)

On “Berlin Got Blurry,” Parquet Courts sound completely dislocated. Today’s quintessential Brooklyn band is divorced from its East Coast crutch, wandering Berlin. The music sounds like American country as re-imagined by foreigners: all nerves, no cattle.

But Parquet Courts’ real strength lies in how the lyrics interact with the music. Andrew Savage is a razor-sharp writer, using the band’s boiling punk to get to the point, and quickly. “Feels so effortless to be a stranger,” he exclaims, “but feeling foreign is such a lonely habit.” Parquet Courts deliver each couplet like a punch line, but the humor feels exhausted, like laughing through a jet lag just to stay sane.

“Berlin Got Blurry,” recorded live in Studio 1A, also appears on Human Performance, out now via Rough Trade.

–Art Levy

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