Passiflora: “Backyard Birds” [PREMIERE]

Feeling the heat and humidity outside for just thirty seconds confirms it: we’re well past the season of birds and bees. Yet even as cicadas steal the atmospheric spotlight with that iconic, steamy soundscape of theirs, birdsongs never really go out of style – Cindy, ornithological vocalizations, or otherwise.

So let’s talk Passiflora. Having only released their debut EP eponymous last March, this Austin three-piece (who performs live as four with the addition of bass) is still only a nestling with a handful of tracks to their name. But their jazzy juxtapositions of neo-soul and alt-R&B (not to mention, all around just great hair) have made Passiflora into sensuous Central Texas vibe – one that we could easily see Erykah Badu getting behind.

And as we endure this summer’s early trials, Passiflora have teamed up with producer Rafi Rosenthal to incorporate something new into their aural aviary: synth. Passiflora’s resting up from last night’s release show at Community Garden, but their latest single, “Backyard Birds”, is only just now spreading its wings. And boy oh boy does it sure beat the raucous squawks of H-E-B Hancock’s ever-growing grackle plague. Over the course of this new tune’s four-and-a-half minutes, you might just dissociate enough to confuse the ground with the sky, thanks to subtle shifts from muffled MIDI programming to airtight physical drums, featherweight vocals (complete with some surprise processing), and guitar grooves that carry this musical migration all the way to the horizon.

Backyard Birds


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