Pat Thomas: “The Money Guys”

Although he’s often associated with Bay Area rock quartet Cool Ghouls, Pat Thomas is also a one-man songwriting machine! For seven years, Pat’s been working on his own material in tandem with Cool Ghouls and their steadily growing discography, and while he continues their legacy of emulating late ’60s psychedelic pop, Pat also incorporates its historical foil, Civil Rights-era soul.

Pat Thomas’s latest offering is his sophomore solo album, I Ain’t Buyin’ It, due out next Friday. It’s a fully fleshed out snow globe of sounds with awe-inspiring arrangements and intriguing production – all completed with Thomas at the helm and neatly packaged into an eight-track. Get the paper chase started on I Ain’t Buyin’ It with the album’s lead single and introductory track from Pat Thomas, “The Money Guys”!

Jack Anderson

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