Polarizado: “Twin Liquor On Sunday”

Compared with the political climate of our neighbors, Central Texas, and in particular, Austin, may seem like kind of a sect within the Lone Star State. And that’s not just a matter of being the “blueberry in the tomato soup”. It’s a reflection of our regional music styles as well. To an outsider, our ability to keep stately subgenres like Outlaw Country, Western Swing, and – right down to its name – Tex Mex – relatively contatined within our borders, kind of seems a little clique-y.

That’s where multi-instrumentalist Felix Bergman comes in. See, before moving here from Oakland, Bergman bolstered his musical journey playing everything from guitar to keys and even trumpet across a ton of sounds – Latin jazz, glam rock, Blues, and hardcore punk to name a few. So after making his eastward migration, he quickly picked up on Texas’ location-tailored tastes, and wanted in immediately.

With his project Polarizado, Bergman indoctrinates listeners into what he calls “Cult Americana” – solely outing himself as a non-native through earnest yet lighthearted observations only recognizable by “outsiders”. Later this year Polarizado follows up their 2018 eponymous EP with Welcome Back… due out August 3rd. Based on the record’s latest single, we’re looking forward to an indie-swamp-rock take on some of our not-so-treasured Texas customs, such TABC’s Bible belt tutelage on the short and sweet “Twin Liquor On Sunday”. Catch Polarizado ’round midnight next Friday at The 13th Floor alongside openers Elijah Delgado, Space Trayn, and Upper Level Lows, and fill a glass with your favorite beverage with this tune that sounds like a cocktail between CCR and Nick Waterhouse, albeit with some extra vocal grit.

Twin Liquor On Sunday


Polarizado: “Twin Liquor On Sunday”

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