Purple: “Beach Buddy”

The kind of beach music Purple makes is grittier, more Gulf Coast than Left Coast. The trio hails from Beaumont, Texas, and like a lot of small-town bands, they have an ambivalent relationship to their home. On the one hand, Beaumont was tough for creativity, prizing oil and strict Christianity above everything else. On the other hand, that kind of pressure breeds creativity. Good art comes from struggle.

Purple named their debut album (409) after Beaumont’s area code, but they’re looking to break out of East Texas. The record is a mix of punk and grunge ferocity, spiked by pop hooks courtesy of the band’s two singers, guitarist Taylor Busby and drummer Hanna Brewer. “Beach Buddy” is party-ready, but Purple keeps its individuality on its sleeve. Download the song below, and catch Purple at Empire Control Room tomorrow night as part of Pennyfest.

–Art Levy

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