Quinn DeVeaux: “Left This Town”

Last year, San Francisco’s Quinn DeVeaux released not one but two albums on the same day. The releases show off different sides of the same coin: Late Night Drive–hatched on a cross-country trip to Texas–is a collection of quiet, country-soul songs; Originals–made with his band the Blue Beat Review–accurately captures his energetic live shows. On both, DeVeaux bears down on the roots of rock-and-roll, reflecting his love of Sam Cooke, Ray Charles, and Muddy Waters. DeVeaux brings the Blue Beat Review into town with a show tonight at the Whip In, and today’s song of the day will get you ready. “Left This Town,” from Originals, sounds like a Southern original, mixing gospel undertones with a New Orleans jazz feel. But a close reading of the lyrics proves he’s happy about leaving a different South: SoCal. The unholy L.A. traffic will certainly have that effect on people.

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