rajinee: “Catcall & Response” (feat. Ol Black Stooge)

The blight of male-propagated verbal harassment is universal but is sadly, especially common in metropolitan settings such as our fair city. Songwriter rajinee knows this all-too-well, and has transformed her experiences with unsolicited comments into an absolute banger, one that also marks a significant departure from her historically acoustic material.

But that’s not to say she’s entirely ditched the six-string aesthetic, considering that she performs solo this Friday for Backyard Film Fest at Live Oak Brewing. You’ll be treated to a myriad of music videos, including the take-no-guff visual counterpart to rajinee’s latest empowering record, featuring Ol Black Stooge, “Catcall & Response“!

Catcall & Response (feat. Ol Black Stooge)


Jack Anderson

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