Ray Prim: “The Joker” [PREMIERE]

You can be a valedictorian classically trained vocalist. You can work with the best producers. You can run circles around your songwriting contemporaries. But one thing you can’t fake, no matter how much work you put into it, is a natural sense of soul.

That’s why Ray Prim is such an Austin treasure. Heck, he even prefers to call himself a “soulwriter”. Ray may have had gray hair since he first started dropping music, yet like a fine wine he’s only gotten better with age and the heyday window on “prime Prim” seems to update with each new release. Now nearing a dozen albums under his belt, it’s safe to say this Black Fret recipient’s not slowing down his sonic life lessons anytime soon.

And we can easily confirm that with the recent announcement of Ray Prim’s upcoming eleventh LP Through it All, out September 7th with a release show at 3Ten alongside The Belle Sounds and Suzanna Choffel. As already hinted at by the direction of early June’s “Mr. Midlife”, there’s somewhat of a Black Pumas-esque backdrop to Through it All. But where “Mr. Midlife” shines in a sanguine, slower, orchestral spirit, Through it All‘s latest lead single “The Joker” is more like a manic and sinister piece of soul rock seduction, which Prim will be performing for the very first time on stage 8PM tomorrow night at The Saxon Pub. Prim’s similarities to his progressive soul predecessors like Al Green and Bill Withers is more prevalent than ever on this one, vocal performance, clavinet, bongos, strings and all, albeit a little less “Grandma’s Hands” and more like a twisted take on “Use Me”.

The Joker

Ray Prim

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