Resin: “I Think I Love You”

Creatives can find inspiration pretty much anywhere; naturally in the world of art, but also through the process of nurturing, be that in helping others brush up on their talents, or simply in bringing a piece flora to fruition. Well, just a stone’s throw away from Austin out in Round Rock, high school art teacher Kristi Holthouser and plant producer Mae Sanchez have been reaping what started off as a mere seed of friendship a decade back with their passion project Resin.

True to their handle, Resin’s jam sessions secrete a viscous mix of styles composited from Sanchez and Holthouser’s individual experiences with a myriad of players and producers in Central Texas and on the West Coast. And although stirring things up in the same room is always preferable, the duo didn’t have that convenience at the top of COVID, leading Resin to reference a previous in-person blueprint before building on it one remotely inserted stem at a time.

The finished product “I Think I Love You”, is a damn good piece of alt-psych daytime disco, whose infectious indie pop repetitions remind us of what Guts might sound like if they’d had enough of someone’s guff and slowed down to tell ’em off. With Sanchez on hypnotic six-string, Holthouser holding down the haunting main melody, and the pair sharing beatmaking and lyrical duties, we think “ITILY” and its retro-meets-modern aura has staying power throughout the summer and well beyond.

I Think I Love You


Resin: “I Think I Love You”

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