Sam Houston & Blk Odyssy: “Floating”

Today’s feature may be a first, in that you might decide on your dinner after reading this. That’s thanks to Austin-by-way-of-New Jersey group Sam Houston & Blk Odyssy has just launched their very own food service: The Soul House. Their mission of “catering to culture” was realized just this past Monday when they began the service, (offering fried chicken and waffles, sides and more for both individual and family meals) but they’ve already sold out of delivery pre-orders!

You can still pop on down to their Red River location at Stubb’s for pick up between 5 and 7pm and even if you’re a vegetarian, you’ll still be able to find something appetizing in Sam Houston & Blk Odyssy’s latest release, a genre wanderer that travels between classic R&B-soul, alternative rock, and even a little bit of hip-hop, “Floating”!


Sam Houston & Blk Odyssy

-Jack Anderson

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