Sam Pace & The Gilded Grit: “Daze After Days (The Covid Howl)”

Ever loyal to the crusty textures of his backing band, Sam Pace & The Gilded Grit is far from all sunshine and sparkles…in fact you’ll probably end up scraping your knee on the biting sense of sarcasm. Sam’s fresh off a stint as Artist in Residence and DJ for Triumph Motorcycles, and he’s settled nicely into the constrictions of quarantine with The Sam Pace Memoirs youtube series and the music-centered podcast Waiting For The Encore.

And on top of these extracurricular offerings, the Austin polymath just released a standalone single, and even though “Daze After Days (The Covid Howl)” is a little on the nose, it’s sure to knock you out of any discouraging monotony.

Daze After Days

Sam Pace & The Gilded Grit

Jack Anderson

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