Sango: “Kalimba Funk”

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Sango: “Kalimba Funk”

Posted by on Sep 1, 2020

Seattle producer and DJ Sango has always considered himself to be a man of culture. And while that might come across as a bit of a back-patting statement to some, Sango always follows through by building a trade route of genre styles across hemispheres.

This year Sango continues his Da Rocinha series, emphasizing the rich historical background behind Funk Carioca and eventual origins of funk, with the upcoming fourth installment created in direct support of Brazil’s various communities. Da Rocinha 4 drops September 25th through Soulection Records and melds a ton of North American/South American subgenres into something adventurous and new. Listen for yourself on its lead single and maybe even invest in getting the titular instrument for yourself to pass the time, on “Kalimba Funk”!

Jack Anderson

Photo: Nick Beeba

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