Scott Collins Project: “Something Different Here”

Already a veteran of the bands Suicide Pistols and Southbound Drive, local singer-songwriter Scott Collins has been pushing through whatever life throws at him by way of the Scott Collins Project. There’s no debating Collins’ right as a frontman, but he’s recently returned to his roots as a solo artist.

Collins teamed up with his old pal (and legendary producer) Chris “Frenchie” Smith to produce Roadmaps, a five-song EP recorded at Collins’ own Chicken Run Studios. Roadmaps is filled to the brim with poignant emotions, deeply personal storytelling and honest-to-God wisdom (not to mention some amazing vocal and instrumental performances). Collins will be hittin’ the road for a West Coast tour but not before the Roadmaps release show this Friday at Saxon Pub.

Let’s begin the journey on Roadmaps with a premiere of the album opener – an appropriately-titled alternative rock number  “Something Different Here”.

-Jack Anderson

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