Scott H. Biram: “When I Die”

On February 4, Austin country-metal-punk rock ‘n’ roller one-man-band blues man Scott H. Biram‘s back with a new record called Nothin’ But Blood. It’s Biram’s first since his 2011 LP Bad Ingredients.

Biram is a born-and-bred Central Texan, and his sound is as hardscrabble as the Hill Country. From his high school and college punk rock days to the bluegrass and blues of today, If it’s got roots in its soul and fire in its belly, chances are Biram’s played it. For Nothin’ But Blood, Biram grabbed his trusty ’59 Gibson, and turned in a record that perfectly balances Saturday night and Sunday morning.

He mixes gospel and blues standards with gritty originals.  His takes on classics like “Backdoor Man” and “John the Revelator” make you believe that even though the Lord and the Devil may have different views on a lot of things, they’re probably listening to the same radio station. “Only Whiskey” is a gas fire of punked up blues, and “When I Die” is a gently bounding country-gospel original that’ll have ya shoutin’ “amen” by the end.

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