Seratones: “High” (Luck Reunion Pop-Up)

A lot of anniversaries follow somewhat of a sequence along a rule of fives; after the first one’s done, you make sure the fifth year’s a big blowout…and by ten it’s typically amplified even more. For Willie Nelson’s Luck Reunion, their ten-year anniversary this past March was an absolute blast, thanks in no small part to an expansive, diverse lineup that included Shreveport soul-rock outfit Seratones.

Founded in 2013, this ferocious five-piece celebrates their first decade together next year, but with an abundance of inspiration and material, avoided a purely commemorative release in favor of their third full-length Love & Algorhythms. Love & Algorhythms dropped last Friday and includes the full-band studio rendition of the track below. But in a reversal of that one-to-five escalation, the acoustic pop-up version of “High” focuses solely on the quintet’s frontwoman A.J. Haynes, who’s accompanied only by a super slick Fort Lonesome suit. Its earnestness and intimacy will no doubt lift your spirits, and have you looking forward to another decade of great Seratones.

Musician: A.J. Haynes: vocals, guitar. Suit by Fort Lonesome. Producer: Deidre Gott; Audio; Jake Perlman; Rene Chavez; Cameras: Michael Minasi, Gabriel C. Pérez, Patricia Lim; Edit: Michael Minasi

High (Luck Reunion Pop-Up)


Seratones: “High” (Luck Reunion Pop-Up)

Jack Anderson

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