Sharks in the Deep End: “Tears Run Dry”

Photo by Todd V. Wolfson

Last year Austin’s Sharks in the Deep End released their debut full length. Now they follow it up with a challenge: release one song per month until a complete album is actualized. Experimentation runs high on this anticipated follow-up, as the group taps into their full creative potential stylistically, both in the songs themselves and the way they’re recorded, all while setting new boundaries for the rest of their career.

“Tears Run Dry” is a reaction to America’s current political climate; when they couldn’t find the music to assuage their constitution, they wrote it themselves. The song is an epitomizing showcase of Sharks in the Deep End’s style of new wave made over by shoegaze. 80s-style synth runs and rips are abound, joined by Tucker Jameson’s vintage vocals to create conflicting atmospheres of darkness and optimistic solidarity. If you weren’t already wearing a black leather jacket and tight black (or maybe leopard) pants, look down because you probably are now. Rock your nighttime sunnies, pick your pointiest pair of leather boots, and ride the new wave out of the deep end and out to sea.

Sharks in the Deep End join us in Studio 1A on Thursday, June 22nd, and play Stubb’s on Friday, June 23rd with Boys Club and Chakra Khan.

-Taylor Wallace (On-air Thursdays 8pm and Saturdays 2pm)

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