Slaid Cleaves: “Texas Love Song” (Live In Studio 1A)

Photo by Karen Cleaves

Folk music has long been the bullhorn for the common man, and Slaid Cleaves takes the job seriously. From Maine to Ireland to Texas–his home since 1991–Cleaves has turned his novelistic eye towards the things around him. Songs like “Still Fighting The War” and “Broke Down” are remarkable for both their specificity and their universal appeal. His subjects are flawed and just trying to get through another day in the life, but Cleaves brings compassion to his songs. He always makes you care about where the story will end up by the final chorus.

That’s not to say he isn’t above a good love song. A few years ago, Cleaves played “Texas Love Song” live in Studio 1A, and he gets major bonus points for finding so many words that rhyme with “Texas.” In honor of Cleaves’ birthday today, download the song below.

–Art Levy

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