Sleep Good: “Godlike”

Under the moniker Sleep Good, Will Patterson started crafting his own music after the dissolution of onetime next-big-thing Sound Team back in 2008. The Austinite favors a form of lo-fi psychedelia that’s easy to make in your bedroom. What’s not easy, though, is pop craftsmanship, and it’s obvious Patterson is just as concerned with the hook as he is with the weird effect panning between your ears.

For the past several years, Sleep Good has laid dormant as Patterson has worked on film scores for documentaries and features, including a few by none other than Terrence Malick. He’s also opened up his own studio called Blackland Hall just outside the city limits. If this is his laboratory, then he’s the mad scientist, tinkering with all manner of old instruments and recording gear.

This month, Sleep Good finally comes back into focus with an all-instrumental album fittingly called Dream Dealer. His cinematic work finds its way into songs like “Godlike” where the drama rises and falls with each new melodic line, sounding like a Flaming Lips score to an imaginary film.

–Art Levy

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