Sometimes A Legend: “Adrenaline”

With groups like Mother Falcon and Sip Sip on unofficial hiatus, suckers for stage-filling acts might feel a hair unfulfilled. Thankfully the local “fresh pop” group Sometimes A Legend is here to to toe the line between horn-heavy, semi-sensual and ridiculously raucous. Founded in 2015 by keyboardist-vocalist Bowman Maze, the members of Sometimes A Legend (AKA SAL or SALCORP) rank between six and eight onstage, each filling out the harmonics and dynamics of Maze’s intricate arrangements.

Sometimes A Legend has recently undergone some slight lineup changes, but that hasn’t done anything to their charming spirit and camaraderie! The band just shared It Is Physical, an EP of live recordings topped off with a new single that brings their live energy to the studio. You can expect that same passion from SAL on their debut full-length, tentatively set for a January 2019 release. In the meantime, prepare yourself for a counterpart music video for the aforementioned new single, “Adrenaline”.

Jack Anderson

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