Sometimes a Legend: “Easy Does It”

With self-isolation affecting musicians across the globe, there’s at least one songwriter here in town whose largely-solitary process hasn’t changed all that much. Enter keyboardist-vocalist/animator-illustrator Bowman Maze, who formed his “fresh pop” band Sometimes a Legend half a decade back. And while chief composer Maze usually concocts his non-traditional chord progressions and tempo shifts in the comfort of his piano-furnished bedroom, his onstage and on-the-record charisma is always complemented by six to seven additional (and insanely well-disciplined) members. The horn-laden, romantic-minded, and lyrically-conversational product is a far cry from what you may expect upon first meeting Maze (who occasionally moonlights as a D&D Dungeon Master) but is wholly entrancing nonetheless.

SaL follows up to the 2018 EP It Is Physical with their debut full-length in May, announced this past weekend with the premiere of a text-art music video, single handedly written and edited by Maze over about one hundred hours, and in synch with a sentiment we could all get behind these days, “Easy Does It”.

Easy Does It

Sometimes a Legend

Jack Anderson

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