Steve Gunn: “Conditions Wild”

Photo by Constance Mensh

Steve Gunn’s lyrics are filled with roads and trails, taken and not taken, and his music has a similar wandering spirit. He’s a modal guitar player, roaming around the fret board while his band holds down a single ringing chord. It’s all there in the title to his latest album, Eyes On The Lines.

The band is much busier on “Conditions Wild,” galloping with Grateful Dead-esque freedom. There’s something particularly psychedelic about the song, but it’s more forward-thinking than a lot of standard ’60s revivalism . In fact, “Conditions Wild” is all forward momentum, opening roads that Gunn explores endlessly. It’s blues, jazz, and country, all swirling into a timeless blur.

Eyes On The Lines is out June 3 via Matador. Catch Steve Gunn at the Sidewinder on June 15.

–Art Levy

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