Surf Rock is Dead: “Diabolik”

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Surf Rock is Dead: “Diabolik”

Posted by on Jan 17, 2020

Reader discretion is respectfully advised for any hardcore Dick Dale (R.I.P.) fans, but rest assured, Surf Rock is Dead is just the name of the band.

Melbourne’s Joel Witenberg initially linked up with Chicago’s Kevin Pariso six years back, right around when they declared Brooklyn as their home base and sonically settled on a surreal ’80s reverbed-out version of post-punk and dream-pop. Following up their independently released EPs SRiD (2015) and We Have No Friends? (2017), these wave killers are planning on celebrating May Day with a fatalistic look back on loss on their debut full-length, Existential PlayboyExistential Playboy is out May 1st, and you can hang ten with these tidal reapers early with a melodic, shoegaze-influenced glimpse at how disorderly living situations can get in the Big Apple – “Diabolik”!

Jack Anderson

Photo: Shamshawan Scott