Swimming With Bears: “Don’t Think About It”

Their name may sound kind of like a knockoff BBC nature documentary, but Swimming With Bears is actually an Austin four-piece headed upstream to fry bigger fish. Bassist-vocalist Joe Perry leads the pack, who have spent quite a while developing their sound since well before the release of their 2016 debut. They’ve described this style as “alternative soul” and after a recent hibernation on their sonics, the quartet has emerged with the rejuvenating energy of “pop n roll”.

Pair that with their invitation to open for Weezer not too long ago and their collaboration with Lumineers producer Ryan Hadlock for their upcoming self-titled EP, and you can see why Swimming With Bears is on course to become a pop-soul apex. Swimming With Bears is out September 13th, so control your excitement, and just…“Don’t Think About It”!

Jack Anderson

Swimming With Bears 2017 Studio 1A Session

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