The Black And White Years: “Embraces”

This week the Song of the Day takes a look at the artists playing KUTX’s stage at the X Games.

Having the Talking Heads’ Jerry Harrison produce their debut album has been both a blessing and a burden for the Black And White Years. Harrison found the Austin band at SXSW in 2007 and lent his expertise to their self-titled record. But since then, the Black And White Years have tried to move away from Talking Heads comparisons, injecting darker touches into their dancefloor sound. The group returned to their lo-fi roots with 2010’s Patterns, recorded in frontman Scott Butler’s garage.

For album number three, the band sought to combine the quirky pop of their early years with the brash electricity of their live shows. Strange Figurines finds the Black And White Years exploring this territory in an exciting way. They stopped by Studio 1A earlier this year to show off the new album, and today’s song of the day comes from this live session. “Embraces” is delightfully off-kilter, mixing synths and loops with a throwback disco beat–vintage and modern, all at once.

Catch The Black And White Years at the X Games on Saturday, June 7 at 5:15 pm.

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