The Bright Light Social Hour: “Dreamlove”

Photo by Pooneh Ghana

It seems only fitting that the Bright Light Social Hour would release Space Is Still The Place on the anniversary of Pink Floyd’s Dark Side Of The Moon. Like their ’70s space-rock forbears, the Austin band makes music that “asks a lot of questions,” in the words of bassist Jack O’Brien. Bright Light Social Hour took five years to find some musical answers, but the time spent between their debut and Space was well worth it. The group built their own studio from scratch and recorded multiple versions of their new songs. Drummer Joseph Mirasole and keyboardist Edward Brailif–both of whom like to DJ whenever they get the chance–brought dance and techno elements to Bright Light’s muscular sound. All of a sudden, they had a new question: what would dance music sound like with rock instruments?

The answer is found in Space‘s admittedly spacey ten songs. Bright Light seamlessly blends the dance floor with psychedelic experimentation, especially on “Dreamlove.” Download a Studio 1A version of the song below.

–Art Levy

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