The Bright Light Social Hour: “The Sheriff” (feat. Riders Against the Storm”

Jaycee Grover

KUTX turns ten next year. And two groups that’ve been glued to our hip the whole way through are The Bright Light Social Hour and Riders Against the Storm. They’re both must-hear Austin mainstays for a damn good reason; The Bright Light Social Hour continues to innovate a sweet-yet-sinister indie-psych sound while Riders Against the Storm still find new ways to purvey their politics across a variety of soundscapes. Both TBLSH and RAS have paid their fair share of visits to Studio 1A and enjoyed plenty of official festival performances, but despite having shared stages more times than we can count, they’ve never formally created something together…until now.

Riders Against the Storm and The Bright Light Social Hour recently left the studio with a single that capitalizes on its Curtis-meets-Qi/Jackie-meets-Chaka star-crossed chemistry for a menacing three-and-a-half minute cinematic march. KUTX Presents The Bright Light Social Hour and Riders Against the Storm’s single release show 8PM this Friday at The Parish, so score your tickets while they’re still around. In the meantime, admire this new authority in Austin music alliances with the crunchy, effects-drenched crawl of “The Sheriff”.

The Sheriff (feat. Riders Against the Storm)

The Bright Light Social Hour

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