The Ghost Wolves: “Getchya Hip Thrust”

‘Member when rock ‘n’ roll was dangerous? Back in the early days of rock ‘n’ roll, fellas like Chuck, Jerry Lee and Elvis Aaron could shake your hips like they could shake the moral umbrage from “polite” society. Local Austin rock ‘n’ roll duo The Ghost Wolves tap into that frenetic flow, and the result is down-and-dirty, and maybe a little dangerous too.

The Ghost Wolves are guitarist and singer Carley Wolf and drummer Jonny Wolf. Their 2011 EP In Ya Neck! is stomping slice of punked-up garage-o-billy. With her bluesy, fuzzed-out fretwork and strutting vocals, Carley is part Jack White, part Wanda Jackson, part Karen O, and all kinds of awesome. They’ve shared stages with Alejandro Escovedo, a fella with plenty of rock ‘n’ roll street cred. The Ghost Wolves also collaborated with famed Irish DJ, publicist, musician and man-about-town BP Fallon on a tune called “Black Crow,” the A2-side of a recently released single.

On the flip is a bone-rattling tune called “Getchya Hip Thrust.” The track blasts forth from the speakers on the back of big, buzzy, and plenty greasy, electric slide guitar care of Carley Wolf, and pounding skin-work from her partner Jonny. Carley delivers her lyrics with oodles of come-hither sass. In the early days of rock ‘n’ roll, a bawdy, rowdy tune like this’n coulda landed the pair in a whole mess of hot water, and that’s what makes it so, well, rockin’. The Ghost Wolves may be living in the days where almost nothing is verboten in pop music, but they still manage to bring the down-and-dirty danger.

The Ghost Wolves will be sharing the stage with Escovedo again tonight at The Continental Club.

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