The Hudson Branch: “You Don’t Know Me”

Die-hard Song of the Day fans will remember The Hudson Branch when we featured their song “Periodic Table of Elegance” (from their 2012 full-length World Kid) last October after one of our producers saw them at a conference and raved about them. Since we last caught up with The Hudson Branch, they released Yesterday, the first EP in a planned series they’re calling (naturally) Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow. The idea behind the records is exploring pop’s past, present and future. They also launched a Kickstarter to help fund their third full-length record (if you like what you’re hearin’, you still have a day or so to contribute).

This summer they also let slip a pair of singles that show a bit of a different side of The Hudson Branch. The first, “Do You Want To (Dance)” isn’t exactly out of left field, but it does have some bite. Today’s Song of the Day “You Don’t Know Me,” does have a more contemporary feel in line with their stated purpose for their planned Today EP, which, according to the band, will touch on electronica and R&B. It’s slow-grinding, sexy song, but That’s sort of the beauty of what The Hudson Branch does. Nothing’s really out of their wheelhouse. The marriage of slick, modern electronic techniques to The Hudson Branch’s intelligent approach to pop songwriting and arrangement makes for a listen that’ll hit your brain, heart, and body all at once.

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