The Shilohs: “Palm Readers”

Photo by Cory Komaszczuk

There’s a common pop thread that connects a lot of “B” bands: Beatles, Beach Boys, Big Star, (Flying) Burrito Brothers. The Vancouver outfit the Shilohs take their cue from these groups, reveling in tight harmonies, multiple songwriters, and devotion to the hook above all else. Speaking about the Shilohs’ formation in 2008, bassist Daniel Colussi says “there were lots of stoner rock bands [in Vancouver]. We wanted to be different.”

It’s no surprise that Real Estate has taken a shine to the Shilohs, as both bands share a love of tight pop craftsmanship. The Shilohs just wound up an extensive tour with Real Estate, and now they’re readying their sophomore effort, out May 13. The self-titled album is a little bit more stylistically diverse–three different band members contributed material–so the record is freewheeling in places, while retaining a focus that few bands can muster. The Shilohs strike a unique stance on highlight “Palm Readers.” While the surface is carefree, underneath is a nervous energy–the sound of a young band trying to find its place in the wider world.

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