The Watters: “I Need You”

Their journey together began as class mates, then band mates, and now as soul mates, guitarist Daniel and singer Jenna Watters are in perfect harmony as The Watters. Jenna and Daniel had previously worked together on seven albums under different monikers across Sedona, Arizona, L.A., Denver, and Nashville. That was all before they settled down in Austin, assembled their trusty eight-piece backing band, and released their debut album as “The Watters” in 2016.

Daniel and Jenna’s chemistry is undeniable, thanks in no small part to the shear amount of time they’ve spent writing and performing together, and they upped the aural ante this past June with their self-titled full-lengthThe Watters reminded us why Jenna and Daniel kick so much butt together; their technical talents speak for themselves and their songwriting takes the best from soul, roots, Americana, rock and folk and slow cooks it into a gourmet Watters sound.

Yesterday afternoon The Watters were at the ongoing Armadillo Christmas Bazaar, next Sunday they’ll be at Cosmic Coffee & Beer Garden and tonight they play at Stubb’s Indoors. Our Song of the Day and The Watters album opener may have a relatively generic title, but the music itself is just plain amazing. Check out “I Need You”!

Jack Anderson

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