Tommy Rebel and the Righteous: “Moving On”

As a mega-genre wrought with power chords, superficial lyrics, and a general attitude of flipping your parents the bird, rock is often easier to absorb than to define. With that in mind, there’s a certain group whose character falls somewhere between ZZ Top, Led Zeppelin, GFR, and interestingly enough, Papa Roach…and that’s Austin’s own Tommy Rebel and the Righteous.

Having already opened for the likes of Joan Jett and Molly Hatchet before founding the Righteous in 2015, the eponymous frontman uses the trio as a vehicle to impart the wisdom, compassion, and encouragement he’s accrued over the years.  The Righteous was finally solidified in 2018 after test-driving three drummers and four bassists (settling on Rollie White and Naer Lin, respectively), and marking their first collaboration with oft-sought-out producer Chris “Frenchie” Smith, Tommy Rebel and the Righteous release their debut album Renaissance Dude tomorrow!

The Renaissance Dude release show is 10pm tomorrow at ABGB so get some bearings on your moral compass with Tommy Rebel and the Righteous, courtesy of the late-’70s/early-’80s-penned single “Moving On”!

Moving On

Tommy Rebel and the Righteous

Jack Anderson

Photo: Katie McDowell

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