Trouble In The Streets: “Pyramid Scheme” (KUTX Premiere)

Fronted by keyboardist/vocalist Nnedi Nebula Agbaroji (also of Mama K & The Shades), the Austin trio Trouble in the Streets has been showcasing its distinctive “electro tribe” sound on the live music scene since 2014. Drawing musical influence from hip-hop, electronic, R&B, and beyond, compositions by Trouble in the Streets can sometimes be equal parts Rush and Rage Against the Machine. Their live show energy and signature sound has earned them a spot performing alongside major acts like George Clinton & P-Funk, Rebirth Brass Band and Grupo Fantasma’s Grammy-Winner Beto Martinez.

Now Trouble in the Streets has taken their live performance momentum and translated it to their debut EP, Electro Tribe. The first impression from Electro Tribe – “Pyramid Scheme” – highlights Agbaroji’s Sade-like vocal performance on top of a crunchy retro-synth (almost Miami Vice-esque) chord progression that elevates into hard-hitting bass and drum arrangements (featuring Andy Leonard and Bobby Snakes, respectively). With three additional tracks, there’s no reason not to enjoy Trouble in the Streets in the comfort of your own home.

You can check out Trouble in the Streets’ Electro Tribe release show on Friday, December 9th at The North Door.

-Jack Anderson

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