Washed Out: “Time to Walk Away”

Ten years down the line in his career as Washed Out, keyboardist-vocalist Ernest Greene Jr. continues to champion an ever-evolving chillwave sound. The Atlanta-based auteur has been averaging at about one record every three to four years, rounding out this most recent cycle of creativity with Washed Out‘s fourth LP Purple Noon.

Purple Noon finds Greene sifting through familiar tides of indie funk fusion, dream pop, and hip-hop-influenced psychedelia with a sense of beach-read, market-ripe freshness throughout. Washed Out certainly won’t be getting diluted anytime soon, so top off your weekend with his Soundfounder interview, airing at 2PM today and again on Soundfounder’s Saturday night show at 1AM. And as you wade out of the work week, soak up some of the midday mauve on Purple Noon with one of its brightest highlights, “Time to Walk Away”!

Time To Walk Away

Washed Out

Jack Anderson

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KUTX Live at Home: Washed Out – Shot, edited and mixed by Ernest Greene for KUTX July 2020
KUTX presents Washed Out from the home studio of Ernest Greene in Atlanta, GA to your home. Purple Moon, the fourth album from Washed Out, drops August 7, 2020 on Sub Pop Records. 
Set: “Face Up” “Time To Walk Away” “Hide”
Musicians: Ernest Greene: vocals, keys; Cameron Gardner; drums; Dylan Lee; bass

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