White Denim: “Come Back”

For a band that came about on a wave of hype, White Denim has remained remarkably self-assured over the course of its seven-year career. The band formed in 2006 through the melding of two local groups, and a pair of 2007 EPs caught the attention of blogs worldwide. White Denim’s  fiery “punk-funk” sent critics in a tizzy, landing them on a number of best-of lists while simultaneously ramping up the pressure. But with each new expectation, the band has stood up and delivered.

Part of the reason why stems from their musical adventurousness. While White Denim’s early singles showed off their youthful energy, the group keeps growing on every release. Jazz and psychedelia started to creep into the mix on 2009’s Fits; acoustic guitars showed up on the odds-and-ends collection Last Day of Summer. Then came 2011’s D, arguably White Denim’s high water mark (so far). Suddenly, the outfit sounded breezy and big, ready to conquer arenas with songs that combined their manic past with brilliant pop hooks. High-profile tours with bands like Wilco brought them to new audiences worldwide.

The buzz keeps growing for White Denim, and they respond yet again. On October 29, they’ll release Corsicana Lemonade, their fifth full-length. This time around, the band nixed their usual Spartan trailer recording studio in favor of Wilco’s famed Chicago Loft, receiving production assistance from frontman Jeff Tweedy. While only one song has leaked so far, White Denim decided to give the record a workout in front of a packed crowd at KUTX Live at the Four Seasons. The new songs are bold and precise, and if you didn’t know it before, these guys can play. “Come Back” rides a Southern rock riff to soulful heights unparalleled in the band’s career. It seems White Denim can only go one direction: up and up and up.

You can catch White Denim at ACL Fest 2013:

Sun, Oct 13 5:00pm-5:45pm on the Austin Ventures Stage

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