Wil Brookhart: “Warden”

If you’re not in-the-know about Mother Falcon, here are some basics. They got their start in Austin over a decade ago and built up a roster of nearly two dozen classically-trained players but this critically acclaimed symphonic outfit has allowed live shows to take a back seat in favor of their annual summer camp Mother Falcon Music Lab and supporting Petra and the Wolf.

So what do the individually talented members of this extended family…do…for the rest of the year? Well, for Mother Falcon Music Lab Intern Director, multi-instrumentalist and arranger Wil Brookhart, the obvious choice is to make music. This young, insanely-driven performer admittedly takes cues from Hikes solo offshoot Monté, but the candor of Brookhart’s compositions shed a defining light on his playful yet mature nature. Wil Brookhart just premiered his eponymous studio debut so get ready to acknowledge this new authority in songwriting with “Warden”!

Jack Anderson

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