Yuma: “Ozy”

For fans of Westerns (such as myself) the name “Yuma” instantly conjures phrases like The Man From ____, The Rebel Johnny ____, and of course 3:10 to ____. But you can go ahead and toss out any sort of rustic country connotation you may have because Austin five-piece Yuma is straight up R&B-pop. Spanning the seven years since Yuma initially formed over Craigslist, the group has experienced the addition of several new members as well as their fair share of sonic transitions. The manifestation of Yuma’s musical maturation is the new EP Letters to the Editor – released today. Letters to the Editor was recorded by Mark DuFour of Ghostland Observatory and features songs with lyrics inspired by science fiction. Dive in right now with a tune whose lyrics bandleader Jesse Liberty penned based on Alan Moore’s Watchmen – “Ozy”.

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