Adam Torres 9.6.2016

Studio 1A Sessions

Adam Torres 9.6.2016

Posted by on Sep 6, 2016

As the fall slowly eases in, Adam Torres’ voice is reminiscent of the first sip of coffee that you have on a cool mid-October morning. Equally soothing and energizing, Torres’ new album Pearls To Swine takes the traditional singer-songwriter formula and builds upon it to create something elegant and tranquil. The backing instrumentation is just as beautiful, creating a somewhat gothic atmosphere to compliment the vocals. For this session, Torres was joined by Aisha Burns, Thor Harris of Swans, and Matthew Shepherd, so this whole project is basically an Austin supergroup.  Catch the Studio 1A session right here, and you can catch them at the Cactus Cafe this Saturday, September 10.


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