Shy Beast 11.20.18

Studio 1A Sessions

Shy Beast 11.20.18

Posted by on Nov 27, 2018

It is no surprise that Shy Beast appeals to so many types of listeners with its various themes and open atmospheres of possibility. Their music showcases Mariclaire Glaeser’s immense vocal range and crisp tones. Her voice is feminine but also liberated and absolutely commanding of the songs.  The guitars of David Tenczar and Andrew Bennett are undeterred in growing the forest of melodies in which Glaeser sings. Drew Silverman’s unmistakable drumming guides us through the musical abundance and back again, all hits, no misses.  Farther down in the sonic underworld, Jay Cesak’s bass rhythms don’t wait for verses, choruses or instrumental breaks. Shy Beast’s latest EP, Leave Me/Let Me, includes three honed tracks that add layers of maturity and complexity to their synth-driven, rollicking pop-rock compositions. They’ve found their stride as a group while simultaneously evolving their songwriting process, delving into deeper themes and rising into a new pantheon of sounds and tones. Get a taste of their newest EP by checking out or full session and interview below!


Host: Taylor Wallace

Producer: Deidre Gott

Engineer: Cliff Hargrove