Slomo Drags 7.31.18

Studio 1A Sessions

Slomo Drags 7.31.18

Posted by on Aug 2, 2018

Photo by Eddie Gaspar

The lads of Austin’s Slomo Drags could write the book on how to have a good time. Their fun, light-hearted energy translates seamlessly to their rock ‘n’ roll sound, delivering a high-energy good time in the studio and on the stage. Their 2nd release¬†Deacon Bruise¬†(a nod in both syntax and aesthetic to Steely Dan) is the group’s debut full-length and a solid continuation of the bright rock-waxing-power-pop sound. With titles like “Guns (Baby),” “Typical Black Hole,” and “You Got a Problem? Congratulations,” the album’s satirical nature is transparent, but the band says to not read into it too closely; this is absolutely not a political commentary. It’s. Just. Fun. Catch their album release show Saturday, August 4th at Mohawk with Sometimes a Legend and Dinner with Matt Gilchrest.

-Taylor Wallace