ATX Television Festival Season 12 kicks off!

Maile Carballo / KUTX

Season 12 of the ATX Television Festival is underway. The so-called TV camp for grown-ups is running through Sunday and bringing TV fans & the industry together to celebrate favorite moments, take deep dives into how your favorite shows are made, revisit past favorites, enjoy reunions, screenings, intimate Q&As, panel discussions, and more.

Let’s join the fun and hear FAVORITE TV SHOW THEME SONGS.

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“The Wire ‘Way down in the hole’ Tom Waits or any version will do!”

Travis Gardner

“Although it’s not the original by Henry Mancini, the Blues Brothers’ rendition of one of the coolest theme songs ever, ‘Peter Gunn Theme’ is pretty damn good.”

Mimi Weedleone Roach

“‘Detectorists’ is a gem of a TV show and the theme song by Johnny Flynn is terrific.”

Brent Petersen

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