Melting Songs

Maile Carballo / KUTX

Hope you and your electricity and trees are persisting through this pestiferous winter ice event. As we know, could be A LOT worse, but it sure can’t be over soon enough. Quick shout-outs to Austin’s first responders, all front-line workers, TXDOT anti-ice crews, Austin Energy power restorers and the college students manning Roppolo’s pizza here on campus! Let’s use our magical powers of musical persuasion and hear MELTING SONGS to speed up the thawing which begins on Thursday.

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“Siouxsie and the Banshees – ‘Melt'”

Frank Sheiness

“I used to love and listen to that song on repeat.” referencing The Cranberries ‘The Icicle Melts’

Don King

“Invisible Sun – ‘The Police'”

Sue Zaike Minear

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