June is Pride Month and all month long we’re spotlighting queer Austin musicians of today and the legends who paved the way.

Pride Month Profile: BabiBoi Host: Taylor Wallace; Producer: Art Levy

Dorian Delafuente, a.k.a. BabiBoi, is an Austin-based, San Antonio-raised rapper and artist. They’re inspired by the lyrics, fashion, and sexy, raunchy girl attitude of artists like Nicki Minaj, Lady Gaga, Missy Elliott, and Grace Jones. BabiBoi uses this influence to address and correct the misrepresentation of gay and queer people in hip hop culture. Their music has spread from Austin to national outlets like Billboard and Paste magazine, and they’ve headlined Pride festivals in Las Vegas, L.A., and all over Texas.

BabiBoi is also a commentator and performer for the House of Lapore, a ballroom collective based in Austin. Ballroom functions as a chosen family for largely young, queer artists of color who perform drag, music, dance, and more together. Ballroom’s history stretches back to 1860s Harlem, and BabiBoi and House of Lepore are leading the resurgence of this art form today in central Texas.

Babiboi brings all of this energy to the Be Gay for Spite Showcase this Thursday, June 15th at Swan Dive.


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