Jon Batiste ft Lil Wayne – Uneasy

Maile Carballo / KUTX

Each week during Left of the Dial, KUTX Music Director, Rick McNulty shares the best song he heard this week.

Grammy- and Oscar-winning keyboardist, singer, and composer Jon Batiste singular, jubilent style blends the jazz traditions of his New Orleans home with funk, R&B, and much more. You may know him as the bandleader of Stay Human, the longtime house band for The Late Show with Steven Colbert, or as the music director for the Atlantic, or perhaps, as the Creative Director for the National Jazz Museum in Harlem.

To say the least, the man has accomplished a lot in his 36 rotations around the sun and it doesn’t look like he’s stopping anytime soon. His latest record, World Music Radio, is an ambitious concept record that seeks to unite the world through our shared musical language. With a staggering amount of features from a vast range of artists, it’s a standout in a year of great releases.

“This hooked me immediately with the unworldly falsetto vocals and Batiste’s jazz chops. Once you add Lil Wayne to the mix, you have something akin to a starving bear just coming out of hibernation.”

Rick McNulty

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