Music News 10.03.16

Roger Waters Plays Career Defining Concert in Mexico City

Roger Waters played a free concert in Mexico City over the weekend to a crowd of about 200,000 people. The two-hour performance spanned the Waters’s full career covering plenty of fan favorites and deeper cuts. The performance had a very blatant political agenda too, with Roger Waters taking shots at politicians in the US and Mexico and interspersing anti-Trump slogans and images of the celebrity-turned-politician’s head on a pig (yes, he was playing “Pigs” from Animals while this happened). Waters addressed Trump’s plan to build a wall separating the US and Mexico, and held no punches as he spoke throughout his performance against Trump’s various platforms and the man himself. You can watch his performance in its entirety on our website. (CoS)



Gorillaz Release Series of Animated Stories from Band Members Ahead of New Album Release

In anticipation of their new album (now said to be due out early next year), Gorillaz have been releasing a series of animated videos on their various social media channels telling stories of the group’s animated members since Plastic Beach. Damon Albarn and visual artist Jamie Hewlett have been releasing these stories since late last month, the latest of which chronicles the adventures of Gorillaz member Noodle after the attack on Plastic Beach. The videos are a combination of text and new animations from Hewlett, detailing Noodle’s accidental releasing of a hell demon Mazuu and her journey to destroy the shape-shifting monster. (CoS)


-Taylor Wallace

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