Music News 10.24.17

All Tom Waits Albums of the Last Two Decades To Be Reissued

Every single Tom Waits album of the last two decades is being reissued in a massive remastering project being overseen by Waits himself and his invaluable collaborator and co-writer, his with Kathleen Brennan.

The rereleases include 1999’s exemplary Mule Variations and every LP after that released on Epitaph sister label ANTI-; so yes, that includes Alice, Blood Money Orphans, and the 2009 live album Glitter and Doom too as well as a totally remixed version of Wait’s 2004’ opus Real Gone.

The albums all have staggered release dates throughout November and December, except for the Orphans 3-disc set, which is due out next year. Pre-orders for all of these albums are available now through ANTI-‘s online store.



Crystal Castles Co-Founder and Former Singer Alleges Years Of Sexual Abuse from Former Bandmate

In light of the tremendous wave of bravery erupting from women in the entertainment and other industries in the name of sexual harassment and assault, Crystal Castles co-founder and former singer Alice Glass (real name Margaret Osborn) has come forward, calling out her former bandmate Ethan Kath (real name Caludio Palmieri).

A full decade his junior, Glass claims that Kath began assaulting her at age 15, drugging and intoxicating Glass before taking advantage of her sexually. In a lengthy statement posted on her website, Glass wrote that Kath controlled “my eating habits, who I could talk to, where I could go, what I could say in public, what I was allowed to wear.”

Glass says the abuse was just as prevalent in their professional career, where she says Kath constantly sought to exploit her insecurities and diminish her talents and contributions to Crystal Castles, the group she poured her heart and soul into, only to be compelled to leave it for her own mental health and well-being back in 2014.

Kath has continued making music as Crystal Castles with new singer Edith Frances.


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