Music News 11.7.16

Exclusive Election Day Music via Rock the Vote’s App

Local Natives are dropping a new track tomorrow, but you won’t find it on Spotify or Apple Music; the song will be released exclusively on Rock the Vote’s Election FM app. The app encourages users to put in their address to find nearby polling stations. When users are in close proximity to the station, they can access not only a new song from Local Natives, but from the Head and the Heart and Watsky as well. Whether the app will actually motivate people to boogie their way to the polls is questionable, but, hey, anything to motivate! (CoS)



Dutch Company Might Be Revolutionizing the Way We Make Vinyl Records

A Dutch company has received a grant from the EU to develop new technology that promises to make vinyl records less expensive and of higher quality. Symcom, a company that specializes in CD manufacturing, has created an injection molding system that alters the way the grooves are copied onto the records, ultimately eliminating the literal pressing of the vinyl itself. In addition to cutting down on production costs and improving the quality, the method reduces the environment impact of conventional record pressing by reducing the energy used and not applying pressure to the stampers, which currently wear out after around 2,000 presses. The method also promises to turn around products in about 2 weeks, compared to 12-16 weeks with the current process. There are still hurdles to overcome: the material needed for the process is a little more expensive and the products Symcom has made so far are less durable than standard pressed vinyl. Curious about the process? You can watch a video of the mold-injection process on our website. (FACT mag)

-Taylor Wallace


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